122chTHE JAZZ【Premium】 オンエア曲リスト

00:00:00 Mood Swing
0時台 Peekskill Peek Jackie Gleason REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD367
The Second Time Around Gerry Mulligan LIMELIGHT32JD-133
I'm Old-Fashioned Weston, Paul Sony Music Spec ProdAK47861
Laura Clifford Brown EmArcy32JD-134
四月の思い出 GEOGE SHEARING VervePOCJ-2583
Lazy / I'm Getting Tired so I Can Sleep Frank DeVol And His Orchestra CBS SPECIAL PRODUCTSA2 20712
I Think of You Alan Kaplan S S JAZZXQAM-1605
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD311
If I Should Lose You Jackie Gleason REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD367
Spring Again / スプリング・アゲイン Mitzi Gaynor / ミッチ・ゲイナー VERVEUCCU-9790
Drums In My Heart Oscar Peterson Not Now MusicNOT2CD286
Falling In Love With Love Cannonball Adderley EmArcy32JD-132
Nature Boy Stan Getz VervePOCJ-2640
Don't Like Goodbyes Alan Kaplan S S JAZZXQAM-1605
Where Or When Clifford Brown EmArcy32JD-134
Prelude to a Kiss Russ Garcia Verse Music GroupCDSOL-6153
Puttin' on the Ritz / Marie Frank DeVol And His Orchestra CBS SPECIAL PRODUCTSA2 20712
Night and Day (Instrumental) John Williams: Boston Pops Orchestra SONYSRCR 9504
Come Rain Or Come Shine Jackie Gleason REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD367
ピカーディーの薔薇 GEOGE SHEARING VervePOCJ-2583
1時台 Sunrise Serenade THE BOSTON POPS Sony Music EntertainBVCF-1552
Darn That Dream Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD311
Someone To Watch Over Me アンドレ・プレヴィン(p), デヴィッド・フィンク(b) (1987.8) DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHONPOCG-10086
When Your Lover Has Gone Weston, Paul Collectables RecordsCOL6469
Laura Andre Previn, Joe Pass & Ray Brown Telarc RecordsCD-83302
Soon / スーン Mitzi Gaynor / ミッチ・ゲイナー VERVEUCCU-9790
I'll Remember April Gordon Jenkins PAIRPCD-1181
Surrey With The Fringe On Top Cannonball Adderley EmArcy32JD-132
Stardust Beegie Adair Green HillTOCP-71182
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Clifford Brown EmArcy32JD-134
Girl Talk Oscar Peterson MPS821 842-2
I Got The Sun In The Morning Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD311
Buzzard Song Miles Davis ColumbiaSICP 813
What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry? Jackie Gleason REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD367
My Funny Valentine Beegie Adair Green HillTOCP-71182
02:00:00 モダン・ジャズ名盤
2時台 Carmel Joe Sample MCAUCCU-99155
Paintings Joe Sample MCAUCCU-99155
Cannery Row Joe Sample MCAUCCU-99155
A Rainy Day In Monterey Joe Sample MCAUCCU-99155
Sunrise Joe Sample MCAUCCU-99155
Midnight And Mist Joe Sample MCAUCCU-99155
More Beautiful Each Day Joe Sample MCAUCCU-99155
Dreamy (1998 Remastered Version) Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
Hands Across The Table Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
The More I See You Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
I'll Be Seeing You Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
Star Eyes Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
You've Changed Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
Trees Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
3時台 Why Was I Born? Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
My Ideal Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
Crazy He Calls Me Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
Stormy Weather (with Jimmie Jones And Orchestra) Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
Moon Over Miami Sarah Vaughan RouletteWPCR-29049
Let's Cool One Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
Reflections Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
Little Rootie Tootie Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
Just A Glance At Love Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
Brilliant Corners Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
Consecutive Seconds Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
Monk's Point Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
Trinkle, Tinkle Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
Straight, No Chaser Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
4時台 Blue Monk Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
Round Midnight Thelonious Monk Sony Music LabelsSICJ 77
Strange Fruit Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
Yesterdays Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
Fine And Mellow Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
How Am I To Know? Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
My Old Flame Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
I'll Get By Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
I Cover The Waterfront Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
I'll Be Seeing You Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
I'm Yours Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
Embraceable You Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
As Time Goes By Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
He's Funny That Way Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
Lover, Come Back To Me Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
Billie's Blues Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
5時台 On The Sunny Side Of The Street Billie Holiday CommondoreUCCU-99011
The Kerry Dancers Johnny Griffin RIVERSIDEUCCO-99042
Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair Johnny Griffin RIVERSIDEUCCO-99042
Green Grow The Rushes Johnny Griffin RIVERSIDEUCCO-99042
The Londonderry Air Johnny Griffin RIVERSIDEUCCO-99042
25 1/2 Daze Johnny Griffin RIVERSIDEUCCO-99042
Oh, Now I See Johnny Griffin RIVERSIDEUCCO-99042
Hush-A-Bye Johnny Griffin RIVERSIDEUCCO-99042
Ballad For Monsieur Johnny Griffin RIVERSIDEUCCO-99042
Tristeza Oscar Peterson Trio MPSNCS-10142
Nightingale Oscar Peterson Trio MPSNCS-10142
Porgy Oscar Peterson Trio MPSNCS-10142
Triste Oscar Peterson Trio MPSNCS-10142
6時台 You Stepped Out of a Dream Oscar Peterson Trio MPSNCS-10142
Watch What Happens Oscar Peterson Trio MPSNCS-10142
Down Here On the Ground Oscar Peterson Trio MPSNCS-10142
Fly Me to the Moon Oscar Peterson Trio MPSNCS-10142
Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock Blue NoteBN 4189
Three Bags Full Herbie Hancock Blue NoteBN 4189
Empty Pockets Herbie Hancock Blue NoteBN 4189
The Maze Herbie Hancock Blue NoteBN 4189
Driftin' Herbie Hancock Blue NoteBN 4189
7時台 Alone And I Herbie Hancock Blue NoteBN 4189
Watermelon Man [Alt. Take] Herbie Hancock Blue NoteBN 4189
Three Bags Full [Alt. Take] Herbie Hancock Blue NoteBN 4189
Empty Pockets [Alt. Take] Herbie Hancock Blue NoteBN 4189
So What Miles Davis Sonny RecordsSRCS 9104
Freddie Freeloader Miles Davis Sonny RecordsSRCS 9104
Blue In Green Miles Davis Sonny RecordsSRCS 9104
All Blues Miles Davis Sonny RecordsSRCS 9104
08:00:00 JazzJapan レコメンド・ニュー・ディスク(再)
8時台 出演:ウィリアムス浩子 -
アルバム「渡辺貞夫バラードを唄う~マイロマンス」 -
They Say It's Wonderful 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
My Romance 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
Once Upon A Summertime 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
It's Easy To Remember 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
Here That Rainy Day 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
Little Girl Blue 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
My Foolish Heart 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
That's All 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
Spring Is Here 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
I Thought About You 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
Old Folks 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54252
アルバム「Iberian Waltz」 -
Iberian Waltz 渡辺貞夫&チャーリー・マリアーノ taktCOCB-54253
9時台 I Thought About You 渡辺貞夫&チャーリー・マリアーノ taktCOCB-54253
Stone Garden Of Ryoanji 渡辺貞夫&チャーリー・マリアーノ taktCOCB-54253
God Has Mercy 渡辺貞夫&チャーリー・マリアーノ taktCOCB-54253
10時台 アルバム「Bossa Nova Concert」
Opening-Felicidade 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
O Grande Amor 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
You And I 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
Here's The Rainy Day 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
The Girl From Ipanema 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
Agua De Beber 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
Reza 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
Arrastao 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
White Wave 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
Emily 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
From Russian With Love 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
Corcovado~Felicidade 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
So Danco Samba 渡辺貞夫 TaktCOCB-54254
アルバム「We Got A New Bag」 -
Ragam Sinthubairavi 渡辺貞夫&チャーリー・マリアーノ TaktCOCB-54255
Kunji Kunjipesi, Mathi, Mayakkum 渡辺貞夫&チャーリー・マリアーノ TaktCOCB-54255
11時台 Lament 渡辺貞夫&チャーリー・マリアーノ TaktCOCB-54255
Palisades 渡辺貞夫&チャーリー・マリアーノ TaktCOCB-54255
You Are My Hearts Delight 渡辺貞夫&チャーリー・マリアーノ TaktCOCB-54255
12時台 アルバム「ブラジルの渡辺貞夫」 -
ビン・ボン 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
イ・ナーダ・マイス 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
ジェキバウ(かわいい蝶々) 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
私とそよ風 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
かわった小舟 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
リズム 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
悲しみ 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
カロリーナ 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
浜辺のボッサ 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
モストラ・モレーナ 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
かるい気持ちで 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
リズム 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54256
アルバム「Sadao Plays Bacharac&Beatles」 -
The Look Of Love 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54257
Magical Mystery Tour 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54257
Trains, Boats And Planes 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54257
Ticket To Ride 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54257
Walk On By 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54257
I Am The Walrus 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54257
Here, There And Everywhere 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54257
13時台 Blue Jay Way 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54257
Reach Out For Me 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54257
14時台 アルバム「Music Break」 -
フェリシダード 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
メディテイション 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
ソング・オブ・ジェット 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
ボニータ 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
トレイン・サンバ 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
ドラリシ 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
ミュージック・ブレイク 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
マシュ・ケ・ナダ 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
イット・マイト・アズ・ウェル・ビー・スプリング 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
オルフェのサンバ 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
フェリシダード 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54258
アルバム「チャーリー・パーカーに捧ぐ」 -
Parker's Mood 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54259
A Song For Bird 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54259
Everything Happens To Me 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54259
I Can't Get Started 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54259
15時台 Au Privave 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54259
If I Should Lose You 渡辺貞夫 taktCOCB-54259
Limiter Polyplus PlaywrightPWT-042
Ratz Polyplus PlaywrightPWT-042
Late at Night Polyplus PlaywrightPWT-042
16時台 アルバム「Verde」 -
Me Deixa Em Paz 横井祐子 Breed Media
Loro 横井祐子 Breed Media
Flow 横井祐子 Breed Media
Coracao Leviano 横井祐子 Breed Media
Comecar de Novo 横井祐子 Breed Media
Musica das Nuvens e do Chao 横井祐子 Breed Media
Montreux 横井祐子 Breed Media
For Jan 横井祐子 Breed Media
Kaze 横井祐子 Breed Media
Samba e Amor 横井祐子 Breed Media
アルバム「The Music Forever Words」 -
Forever / I Still Miss Someone Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
To June This Morning Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
Gold All Over the Ground Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
17時台 You Never Knew My Mind Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
The Captain's Daughter Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
Jellico Coal Man Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
The Walking Wounded Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
Them Double Blues Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
Body On Body Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
I'll Still Love You Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
June's Sundown Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
He Bore It All Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
Chinky Pin Hill Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
Goin', Goin', Gone Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
What Would I Dreamer Do? Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
Spirit Rider Johnny Cash Legacy RecordingsSICP5688
18:00:00 【24bit放送】ジャズ・ジャイアンツ24bit大名鑑
18時台 It Never Entered My Mind Miles Davis PrestigeUCGO-9048
Four Miles Davis PrestigeUCGO-9048
In Your Own Sweet Way Miles Davis PrestigeUCGO-9048
The Theme Miles Davis PrestigeUCGO-9048
Trane's Blues Miles Davis PrestigeUCGO-9048
Ahmad's Blues Miles Davis PrestigeUCGO-9048
Half Nelson Miles Davis PrestigeUCGO-9048
The Theme Take2 Miles Davis PrestigeUCGO-9048
Scrapple From The Apple Dexter Gordon Blue Note
Willow Weep For Me Dexter Gordon Blue Note
Broadway Dexter Gordon Blue Note
19時台 Stairway To The Stars Dexter Gordon Blue Note
A Night In Tunisia Dexter Gordon Blue Note
Naima John Coltrane Impulse!
Introduction To My Favorite Things John Coltrane Impulse!
My Favorite Things John Coltrane Impulse!
20時台 Introduction Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
Bemsha Swing Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
Little Sunflower Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
Cup Bearers Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
Rubby My Dear Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
Cottontail Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
My One & Only Love Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
Come Sunday / David Danced Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
Parker's Mood Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
21時台 Do What You Gotta Do Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
Kenny's Theme Kenny Burrell Paddle Wheel
Do Nothin'Till You Hear From Me Billie Holliday Verve
Cheek To Cheek Billie Holliday Verve
I'll Wind Billie Holliday Verve
Speak Low Billie Holliday Verve
I Wished On The Moon Billie Holliday Verve
But Not For Me Billie Holliday Verve
All Or Nothing At All Billie Holliday Verve
We'll Be Togerher Again Billie Holliday Verve
Sophisticated Lady Billie Holliday Verve
22時台 April In Paris Billie Holliday Verve
Say It Isn't So Billie Holliday Verve
Love Is Here To Stay Billie Holliday Verve
Air Mail Special Quincy Jones SWR Jazzhaus
G'wan Train Quincy Jones SWR Jazzhaus
Solitude Quincy Jones SWR Jazzhaus
Stolen Moments Quincy Jones SWR Jazzhaus
Lester Leaos In Quincy Jones SWR Jazzhaus
Moanin' Quincy Jones SWR Jazzhaus
Porgy And Bess,Act 1;Summertime Quincy Jones SWR Jazzhaus
I Remember Clifford Quincy Jones SWR Jazzhaus
Ghana Quincy Jones SWR Jazzhaus
Banja Luka Quincy Jones SWR Jazzhaus
23:00:00 Nice N Easy タイム 
23時台 出演:大橋美加 ※英国の歌姫たち -
I'll Take Romance Carol Kidd linnakd042
I'm Shadowing You Carol Kidd linnakd042
Don't Take Your Love Away From Me Carol Kidd linnakd042
Honeysuckle Rose Polly Gibbons ponycanyonmycj30574
Speak Low Polly Gibbons ponycanyonmycj30574
The Masquerade Is Over Polly Gibbons ponycanyonmycj30574
You Send Me Polly Gibbons ponycanyonmycj30574
Too Darn Hot Claire Martin linnakd198
When I Fall In Love Claire Martin linnakd198
These Foolish Things Claire Martin linnakd198
Nice Work If You Can Get It Carol Kidd linnakd042
We'll Be Together Again Carol Kidd linnakd042
Sing For Your Supper Carol Kidd linnakd042