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0時台 Desperado Diana Krall Verve0602537866854
In a Sentimental Mood Halie Loren VictorVICJ-61641
I've Got A Crush On You Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
It's Too Late Pamela Luss / Houston Person Premium RecordsPR27942
Good-Bye Linda Ronstadt Asylum9 60260-2
Love Itself Leonard Cohen Sony RecordsSICP61
On An Evening in Roma michael buble Reprise9362-49164-2
Fields Of Gold Eva Cassidy Premium RecordsPR27840XRCD
ロンドン・タウン バーブラ・リカ MuzakMZCF-1339
Amazing Grace Katherine Jenkins Universal478 311-0
Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky (From Now On) Madeleine Peyroux impulse!0602557017014
The Valley k.d. lang NonesuchWPCR-11954
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most Cassandra Wilson Blue NoteTOCJ-66446
Camino De Vuelta Eva Cortes Verve0602537487547
Carioca Caetano Veloso Universal Brazil0602498177334
1時台 Love Has No Pride Linda Ronstadt Asylum18P2-2731
Me And My Shadow Holly Cole Trio 東芝EMITOCP-7734
I've Got a Crush on You シゼル・ストーム VictorVICJ-61375
Don't Know Much Aaron Neville Universal MusicUICY-1020
If You Go Away Holly Cole EMI Music JapanTOCP-71318
クリーピン・イン ノラ・ジョーンズ bluenoteTOCP-67320
Come Away With Me Norah Jones Blue NoteTOCP-54060
Looking Back. Anthony Wilson Groove NoteGRV1045-3
Hallelujah Sofia Pettersson ProphonePCD066
To Daddy Emmylou Harris RepriseWPCR-10873
Over The Rainbow Katherine Jenkins Universal478 311-0
Baby Baby All The Time Diana Krall impulseMVCI-4
You Don't Bring Me Flowers Salena Jones Premium RecordsPR27960XRCD
Toda Mi Vida Eva Cortes Verve0602537487547
2時台 I've Got A Crush On You Linda Ronstadt Asylum9 60260-2
The Heart of Sunday Night Madeleine Peyroux emarcy/rounder0602517032798
Best of My Love 藤田恵美 PONY CANYONPCCA-60019
Quiet Fire Melody Gardot UNIVERSALUCCU-1182
Take Five Tiffany Eighty Eights RecordVRCL18842
Emotional Dance Andrea Motis Impulse !0602557317947
If I Didn't Have Your Love Leonard Cohen Columbia88985363072
First Of May angela Premium RecordsPR27942
Angel Eyes Woong San After BeatPCCY-50065
Can't Take My Eyes Off You Sofia Pettersson ProphonePCD066
春よ、来い Jake Shimabukuro Sony MusicEICP745
Improvisation On Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace) Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, and Chris Thile SONYSICC 882
Wind Behind My Wings Jean Frye Sidwell Premium RecordsPR27960XRCD
So Nice Diana Krall VerveUCCV-9371
3時台 Just In Time Eliane Elias Concord JazzUCCO-1130
Too Young To Go Steady Sara Gazarek Premium RecordsPR27960XRCD
You Light Up My Life Salena Jones Premium RecordsXRCDPR 27901
Message To A Friend Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny Verve537 130-2
Everything Is Broken Ben Sidran Nardis89925 81443
Caruso Benito Madonia & Antonio Forcione Naimnaimcd050
Blue Alert Madeleine Peyroux emarcy/rounder0602517032798
Walk On By Woong San After BeatPCCY-50065
Hurting Each Other The Carpenters A&MUICY-3249
Improvisation On Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace) Yo-Yo Ma, Sergio Assad, Odair Assad SONYSICC 882
Tall Trees In Georgia Eva Cassidy blix street RecordsG2-10046
Save Your Love For Me Sophie Milman VICTOR ENTERTAINMENTVICJ61446
Who Cares シゼル・ストーム VictorVICJ-61375
Dindi Trisha O'Brien Premium RecordsPR27960XRCD
Solitaire The Carpenters A&MPOCM-1540
4時台 Day Too Soon Sia UniversalUCCU-1242
Lady Weeping at the Crossroads Carla Bruni Canyon InternationalPCCY-01831
I Fall in Love too Easily Halie Loren VictorVICJ-61641
Fragile 鈴木重子 BMGファンハウスBVCJ-37593
トゥーズ ノラ・ジョーンズ bluenoteTOCP-67320
The Fool on the Hill The Singers Unlimited MPSNCS-10145
Raincoat(Super Deluxe Sound 3) Kelly Sweet Magnum MusicMAGCD057
故郷の人々 モンセフ・ジュヌ・トリオ MuzakMZCO-1300
Both Sides Now Jeanette Lindstrom & Steve Dobrogosz Premium RecordsPR27840XRCD
Man Of The Hour Norah Jones Blue NoteTOCP-70830
Two Sides The Carpenters A&MD50Y3506
Walkin After Midnight Madeleine Peyroux 寺島レコードTYR-1059
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Melody Gardot VerveUCCU-1186
Lay Lady Lay Nikolaj Hess CloudDDCJ4018
5時台 Comes Love Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
Tennessee Waltz Emmylou Harris Warner BrosWPCP-3527
ホワット・アム・アイ・トゥ・ユー ノラ・ジョーンズ bluenoteTOCP-67320
Your Heart Is As Black As Night Melody Gardot VerveUCCU-1186
They Say Monika Lidke 33Records33JAZZ242
Ebben? Ne Andro Lontana (La Wally) Katherine Jenkins Universal478 311-0
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Lyambiko Sony Classical88697231622
Half the Perfect World Madeleine Peyroux emarcy/rounder0602517032798
Tomorrow Woong San PONY CANYONPCCY-30197
If Marianna Leporace Premium RecordsPR27960XRCD
Coolsville Rickie Lee Jones Warner Bos.WPCR-17421
Oceany ?ez Monika Lidke 33Records33JAZZ242
I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face Diana Krall VerveUCCV-9371
Polka Dots & Moonbeams Stacey Kent CandidCCD79775
Maybe I'm Amazed John Pizzarelli ConcordCRE-37634-02
6時台 Pennies from Heaven Jacintha Groove Note RecordsGRV1001-3
Autumn In New York / My Funny Valentine Carol Kidd LinnAKD210
People Will Say We're In Love Sophie Milman VICTOR ENTERTAINMENTVICJ61446
Time After Time Jeni Fleming Acoustic Trio Premium RecordsPR27953
Ooh Baby Baby Linda Ronstadt Asylum18P2-2732
Sentimental Journey Beegie Adair EMI Music JapanTOCP-66964
The Long Day Is Over Norah Jones Blue NoteTOCP-54060
The Very Thought Of You Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
Eii, Eli (A Walk To Caesarea) Sophie Milman VICTOR ENTERTAINMENTVICJ61446
Chega de Saudade Eliane Elias EMI Music JapanTOCJ-68081
Hikaru Kaigara ジェイク・シマブクロ EpicEICP378~9
Easy Amanda McBroom Gecko
World Seems To Come And Go Holly Cole Metro BlueTOCP-50278
Minha Senhora Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa UniversalUICY-9147
You Belong to Me Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
7時台 Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me Nancy Harms 寺島レコードTYR-1059
Higher Self Monika Lidke 33Records33JAZZ242
Embraceable You David Davidson & Jack Jezzro Green HillGHD6083
Pigen Der Floj (The Girl That Used To Fly) Jesper Bodilsen Stunt RecordsSTUCD09162
A Blossom Fell Diana Krall impulseMVCI-4
There's a Kind of Hush Nicki Parrott Venus RecordsVHCD-1204
Baby It's You The Carpenters A&MD50Y3506
清らかな女神(ベルリーニ:歌劇「ノルマ」) フィリッパ・ジョルダーノ Warner MusicWPCS-10430
This Can't Be Love Eliane Elias Concord JazzUCCO-1130
Little Girl Blue Stacey Kent CandidCCD79775
You Belong To Me Janet Seidel Premium RecordsPR27921
Darkness Leonard Cohen ColumbiaSICP3425
Punadito De Arena Eva Cortes Verve0602537487547
Hungry Heart Jeanne Newhall Premium RecordsPR27953
8時台 Coisa No1 Anat Cohen & Marcello Goncalves Anzic RecordsANZ-0055
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me Eliane Elias Concord7202305
Que Sera, Sera Holly Cole Trio 東芝EMITOCP-7734
カッチーニ: アヴェ・マリア Charlotte Church SMJ INTERNATIONALSICC353
Skylark Monica Mancini Premium RecordsXRCDPR 27901
California Joni Mitchell RepriseWPCR-80280
Ta Tienne Carla Bruni NaivePCCY-01898
River feat. k.d.lang Madeleine Peyroux emarcy/rounder0602517032798
I Was Doing All Right Diana Krall VerveUCCV-1095
What A Wonderful World feat. Mark Knopfler Chris Botti DECCAUCCU1365
But Not For Me Tiffany Eighty Eights RecordVRCL18842
Deranger Les Pierres Carla Bruni NaivePCCY-01898
Love Theme Michel Camilo & Tomatito Universal0602557025583
Louisiana 1927 Aaron Neville Universal MusicUICY-1020
Kiss Me Ed Sheeran Atlantic Records UKWPCR-14317
9時台 La Falsa Moneda Buika Warner Music Spain2564622529
Unforgettable Beegie Adair EMI Music JapanTOCP-66944
ザ・ロング・ウェイ・ホーム ノラ・ジョーンズ bluenoteTOCP-67320
Ma Jeunesse Carla Bruni NaivePCCY-01898
The Girl From Ipanema Eliane Elias EMI Music JapanTOCJ-68081
Slow Boat to China Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
Johnny Met June Shelby Lynne EMITOCP-66363
Solidao Ana Caram Chesky RecordsJD45
On Saturday Afternoons In 1963 Rickie Lee Jones Warner Bos.WPCR-17421
Remembering You Sinne Eeg Red Dot MusicVACM-7051
Over the Rainbow 藤田恵美 PONY CANYONPCCA-60019
Walking Down Rainhill ジェイク・シマブクロ EpicEICP378~9
Make It Good Anthony Wilson Groove NoteGRV1045-3
Quando, Quando, Quando Winterplay UniversalUCCU-1242
Our Love Is Here to Stay Jacintha Groove Note RecordsGRV1001-3
10時台 Beneath a Rowan Tree 藤田恵美 PONY CANYONPCCA-60019
プリティェスト・シング ノラ・ジョーンズ bluenoteTOCP-67320
マイ・オー・マイ レナード・コーエン Columbia88875014292
Notre Grand Amour Est Mort Carla Bruni NaivePCCY-01898
Let'em In John Pizzarelli ConcordCRE-37634-02
Nice 'n Easy Lyn Stanley A.T.Music LLC3104
Lonesome Shelby Lynne CapitolTOCP-66237
I Won't Last a Day Without You Nicki Parrott Venus RecordsVHCD-1204
Maria Mari' Benito Madonia & Antonio Forcione Naimnaimcd050
Vincent Sarah Morrau Premium RecordsPR27953
Michelle The Singers Unlimited MPSNCS-10145
Four Women Lyambiko Sony Classical88697231622
I Thought About You Tiffany Eighty Eights RecordVRCL18842
Moon And Sand Anne Ducros 寺島レコードTYR-1059
11時台 たそがれの予感 金子隆博 VapVPCD81572
My One And Only Love Sinne Eeg Red Dot MusicVACM-7051
Her Red Shoes Norah Jones Blue NoteTOCP-70830
Canto Della Terra Katherine Jenkins Universal478 311-0
Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday Holly Cole Trio 東芝EMITOCP-7734
Nature Boy George Benson UniversalUCCO-1133
Everything Is Better with You ジェイク・シマブクロ Sony MusicSICP1949
When I Grow Too Old To Dream Diana Krall impulseMVCI-4
Caruso Antonio Forcione & Sabina Sciubba Naimnaimcd021
Here Comes The Sun Yo-Yo Ma, James Taylor SONYSICC 882
Devoted to You Linda Ronstadt ElektraWPCR-768
Triste Sophie Milman ビクターVICJ-61606
Blue Rose Falling ジェイク・シマブクロ EpicEICP378~9
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Diana Krall impulseMVCI-4
Old Times Sake Shelby Lynne EMITOCP-66363
Angel Voices Calling 藤田恵美 PONY CANYONPCCA-60019
12時台 Leader Of The Band Regine Velasquez Premium RecordsPR27942
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / All The Things You Are Roberta Gambarini Premium RecordsPR27921
What A Wonderful World Eva Cassidy Premium RecordsXRCDPR 27901
Come Healing Leonard Cohen ColumbiaSICP3425
Don't Worry About Me Carol Kidd LinnAKD210
Before You Go Yana Bibb DixiefrogDFGCD8788
Little Girl Blue Madeleine & Salomom 寺島レコードTYR-1059
Um Dia Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa UniversalUICY-9147
Together Again Emmylou Harris RepriseWPCR-10873
No Habra Nadie En El Mundo Buika Warner Music Spain2564622529
Try To Remember The Singers Unlimited MPS Records815 671-2
Time After Time Jake Shimabukuro Sony MusicEICP820
Honeysuckle Rose Eva Cassidy blix street RecordsG2-10046
Show Me The Place Leonard Cohen ColumbiaSICP3425
Blowin' In The Wind Ben Sidran Nardis89925 81443
13時台 Ode to Billie Joe Halie Loren VictorVICJ-61641
I'll Never Fall in Love Again Nicki Parrott Venus RecordsVHCD-1204
イマジン モンセフ・ジュヌ・トリオ MuzakMZCO-1300
Here's To Life.. Jacintha Groove NoteGRV1045-3
Gotta Serve Somebody Ben Sidran Nardis89925 81443
Smile Beegie Adair EMI Music JapanTOCP-66944
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word(Super Deluxe Sound 3) Lydia Gray Magnum MusicMAGCD057
Route66 George Benson UniversalUCCO-1133
It's Going To Take Some Time The Carpenters A&MPOCM-1540
I Get Along Without You Very Well Eliane Elias Concord JazzUCCO-1130
Besame Mucho Diana Krall Universal MusicUCCV-1020
Wild Is The Wind Plolly Gibbons 寺島レコードTYR-1059
14時台 Moon River Tiffany Eighty Eights RecordVRCL18842
Little Room Norah Jones Blue NoteTOCP70170
I'll Never Smile Again Bennie Wallace Groove NoteGRV1045-3
We Will Rock You Linda Ronstadt ElektraWPCR-768
Love Letters Diana Krall Universal MusicUCCV-1020
Tenderly Priscilla Paris MuzakMZCF-1326
Girl Talk Eliane Elias Concord JazzUCCO-1130
You're Looking At Me Stacey Kent CandidCCD79775
Brand New Dance Emmylou Harris Reprise RecordsWPCP-4045
Este Seu Olhar Diana Krall VerveUCCV-9371
Vivaldi's Song Woong San After BeatPCCY-50065
Loca Buika Warner Music Spain2564622529
What A Wonderful World Beegie Adair EMI Music JapanTOCP-71105
不幸の予感 ポリーニョ・ガルシア 有限会社ミューザックMZCF-1328
Cancion Desesperada Eva Cortes Verve0602537487547
When I Fall In Love Josh Groban ABC RecordsHD-086
15時台 Love For Sale Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo Rickie Lee Jones GeffenUICY-9762
ゾーズ・スイート・アワーズ ノラ・ジョーンズ bluenoteTOCP-67320
We've Got Tonight Ronan Keating & Jeanette ABC RecordsHD-086
The Island Lyn Stanley A.T.Music LLC3104
Stormy Monday Eva Cassidy blix street RecordsG2-10046
All My Tomorrows Carol Kidd LinnAKD210
The Way We Were [Live] Grace Mahya Village RecordsVRCL11004
Sinkin' Soon Norah Jones Blue NoteTOCP70170
Rozpalona Ko?yska Monika Lidke 33Records33JAZZ242
Salut Marin Carla Bruni NaivePCCY-01898
Black Is The Colour Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
Sing Nicki Parrott Venus RecordsVHCD-1204
Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran Asylum RecordsWPCR15730
16時台 Natsukashii Helge Lien Trio Ozella MusicOZ036CD
In This Room Leslie Tucker Premium RecordingsPR 27864XRCD
Diana Caetano Veloso Universal Brazil0602498177334
Until The End Norah Jones Blue NoteTOCP70170
I Left My Heart In San Francisco Beegie Adair EMI Music JapanTOCP-66964
I Thought Of You Again Holly Cole EMI Music JapanTOCP-71318
Always Something There to Remind Me Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
Tenderly Jacintha Groove Note RecordsGRV1001-3
The Very Thought Of You Cassandra Wilson Blue NoteTOCJ-66446
After The Gold Rush k.d. lang NonesuchWPCR-11954
Answer Me My Love Nicki Parrott Venus Records, Inc.VHGD-206
All Things Bright & Beautiful Katherine Jenkins Universal478 311-0
Street Life Woong San PONY CANYONPCCY-30197
I Concentrate on You Sophie Milman ビクターVICJ-61606
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine Michael Buble 143/RepriseWPCR-11764
17時台 Love Songs Anjulie UniversalUCCU-1242
Tracks Of My Tears Linda Ronstadt Asylum18P2-2731
That Old Feeling Paulinho Garcia MuzakMZCF-1289
My Foolish Heart Salena Jones Premium RecordsPR27840XRCD
Close To You Sofia Pettersson ProphonePCD066
Straighten Up and Fly Right George Benson UniversalUCCO-1133
Day In Day Out Diana Krall VerveUCCV-1095
After Dark Halie Loren VictorVICJ-61641
Just One Of Those Things Lyn Stanley A.T.Music LLC3104
Since You Asked The Singers Unlimited MPS Records815 671-2
カヌー バーブラ・リカ MuzakMZCF-1339
One Day I Will Walk k.d. lang NonesuchWPCR-11954
The Moon Song Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny Verve537 130-2
El Andariego Buika & Chucho Valdes Warner Music Spain2564622529
I Put A Spell On You Lyambiko Sony Classical88697231622
18時台 Bei Mir Bist Du Schon [Live] Grace Mahya Village RecordsVRCL11004
Fools Rush In Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart Diana Krall VerveUCCV-9371
スター・アップ(ボーナス・トラック) バーブラ・リカ MuzakMZCF-1339
The Look Of Love Lee Lessack & Susan Egan Premium RecordsPR27921
Sometimes It Snows In April Sofia Pettersson ProphonePCD066
When Something Is Wrong with My Baby Linda Ronstadt Elektra9 60872-2
Love for Sale Sophie Milman ビクターVICJ-61606
Lookin' Up Shelby Lynne MercuryPHCW-1070
Free Fall Leigh Jones UniversalUCCU-1242
Our Spanish Love Song Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny Verve537 130-2
Good Night Linda Ronstadt ElektraWPCR-768
Sandy The Carpenters A&MD50Y3506
19時台 Danny's All-Star Joint Rickie Lee Jones Warner Bos.WPCR-17421
Sadness シゼル・ストーム VictorVICJ-61375
I Should Care Diana Krall Universal MusicUCCV-1020
Reste (Stay) Sophie Milman VICTOR ENTERTAINMENTVICJ61446
I May be Wrong Till Bronner Okeh88875187202
Estate Jesper Bodilsen Stunt RecordsSTUCD09162
Wide Awake 藤田恵美 PONY CANYONPCCA-60019
5時の子守歌 バーブラ・リカ MuzakMZCF-1339
Both Sides Now Joni Mitchell Reprise9362-47620-2
En El Ultimo Trago Buika & Chucho Valdes Warner Music Spain2564622529
Hazy Mind Sidsel Storm Calibrated MusicDUJ-062
The Best Is Yet to Come Sophie Milman ビクターVICJ-61606
20時台 Buck Yana Bibb DixiefrogDFGCD8788
Calling You Rigmor Gustafsson & Vienna Radio String Quartet ACT Music9722-2
Blame It On My Youth Emilie-Claire Barlow Premium RecordsPR27921
For The First Time Jheena Lodwick Premium RecordsPR27953
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Salena Jones Premium RecordsPR27921
Not To Cry Eliane Elias Concord7202305
I'm a Fool To Want You Lyn Stanley A.T.Music LLC3104
Dedicated to the One I Love Linda Ronstadt ElektraWPCR-768
Remelexo Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa UniversalUICY-9147
Hallelujah Kalle Kalima Feat. Greg Cohen & Max Andrzejewski ACT MusicACT9596-2
Miles To Go Alison Krauss & Union Station Rounder11661-0665-2
Take Love Easy Sophie Milman ビクターVICJ-61606
Goldberg Improvisationⅴ Iiro Rantala ActACT9531-2
フード・ソング バーブラ・リカ MuzakMZCF-1339
The A Team Ed Sheeran Atlantic Records UKWPCR-14317
The Very Thought Of You Emilie-Claire Barlow Premium RecordsPR27942
21時台 Someone Like You Emmylou Harris Warner BrosWPCP-3527
Sleep Walk ジェイク・シマブクロ Sony MusicEICP172
For Nothing Amanda McBroom Gecko
Bird On The Wire Madeleine Peyroux Universal0602537242689
It's Crazy Lyn Stanley A.T.Music LLC3104
Summertime David Davidson & Jack Jezzro Green HillGHD6083
If You Could See Me Now Paulinho Garcia MuzakMZCF-1289
Don't Break Your Heart ジェイク・シマブクロ Sony MusicSICP1949
Blue Bayou Linda Ronstadt Asylum18P2-2732
Day by Day Eliane Elias EMI Music JapanTOCJ-68081
Don't Go Please Stay Aaron Neville Universal MusicUICY-1020
Autumn Leaves(Super Deluxe Sound 3) Halie Loren Magnum MusicMAGCD057
ピエ・イエズ Charlotte Church SONY RECORDSSRCR2561
59th Street Bridge Song Sofia Pettersson ProphonePCD066
Longer Emi Fujita
22時台 People Beegie Adair EMI Music JapanTOCP-71105
There Is No Greater Love Priscilla Paris MuzakMZCF-1326
A Thousand Kisses Deep Leonard Cohen Sony RecordsSICP61
So We Meet Again My Heartache Melody Gardot UNIVERSALUCCU-1351
Heart of the Country John Pizzarelli ConcordCRE-37634-02
It's Going To Take Some Time The Carpenters A&MUICY-3249
I've Never Been In Love Before Eliane Elias Concord JazzUCCO-1130
So Many Stars 鈴木重子 BMGファンハウスBVCJ-37593
Painter Song Norah Jones Blue NoteTOCP-54060
Steer Your Way Leonard Cohen Columbia88985363072
Je Ne T'Aime Pas Holly Cole Trio 東芝EMITOCP-7734
quando quando quando マイケル・ブーブレ WarnerWPCR12376
Dona Nobis Pacem Yo-Yo Ma, Paquito D'Rivera, Alon Yaunai SONYSICC 882
Breaking Upm Is Hard To Do Emilie-Claire Barlow Premium RecordsPR27953
23時台 Pretending Eva Cortes Verve0602537487547
Perhaps Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
歌に生き、恋に生き(プッチーニ:「トスカ」) フィリッパ・ジョルダーノ Warner MusicWPCS-10430
Simple k.d. lang NonesuchWPCR-11954
Who Can I Turn To Beegie Adair EMI Music JapanTOCP-71105
Touch Jake Shimabukuro Sony MusicEICP820
Cinema Paradiso from "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" (E. Morricone) 古澤巌 With アサド兄弟 SonySICC1048
Bye Bye Love Madeleine Peyroux Universal0602537242689
Who Will Comfort Me Melody Gardot VerveUCCU-1186
Please Mr. Postman Nicki Parrott Venus RecordsVHCD-1204
I Had The Craziest Dream Janet Seidel MUZAKMZCF1032-3
The Land Of Plenty Leonard Cohen Sony RecordsSICP61
Do You Remember Me ? Paulinho Garcia MuzakMZCF-1289
The Way You Look Tonight Tim Tamashiro Premium RecordsPR27960XRCD
Smile Rickie Lee Jones ArtemisCOCB-53104
Caetano Jesper Bodilsen Stunt RecordsSTUCD09162