122chTHE JAZZ【Premium】 オンエア曲リスト

00:00:00 Mood Swing
0時台 You Are Love Weston, Paul Sony Music Spec ProdAK47861
Deep In A Dream Chet Baker JAZZLAND25218649223
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man Oscar Peterson NOT NOW MUSICNOT2CD286
Buzzard Song Miles Davis ColumbiaSICP 813
Let's Face the Music and Dance / Say It Isn't So Frank DeVol And His Orchestra CBS SPECIAL PRODUCTSA2 20712
I Can't Say No (from "Oklahoma") Nelson Riddle REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD311
Nice Work If You Can Get It Smith, Johnny & Quintet FRESH NEW SOUNDFSR-CD 37
Azure 岡安芳明 What's New RecordsWNCJ-2221
You Were Meant For Me Weston, Paul Collectables RecordsCOL6469
Girl Crazy : Boy! What Love Has Done To Me! - I've Got a Crush On You アンドレ・プレヴィン(p), デヴィッド・フィンク(b) (1987.8) DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHONPOCG-10086
Strangers in the Night - do not use (Instrumental) John Williams: Boston Pops Orchestra SONYSRCR 9504
Dreamsville Manhattan Trinity M & IMYCJ-30551
If I Should Lose You Jackie Gleason REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD367
Serenade In Blue THE BOSTON POPS Sony Music EntertainBVCF-1552
Out Of The Night Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD311
S'Posin' Weston, Paul Collectables RecordsCOL6469
Isn't It A Pity / イズント・イット・ア・ピティ Mitzi Gaynor / ミッチ・ゲイナー VERVEUCCU-9790
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man Clifford Brown EmArcy32JD-134
Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup Jackie Gleason REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD367
I Have Dreamed (Instrumental) John Williams: Boston Pops Orchestra SONYSRCR 9504
Who? Weston, Paul Sony Music Spec ProdAK47861
I Only Have Eyes For You Andre Previn, Joe Pass & Ray Brown Telarc RecordsCD-83302
Funny Face : He Loves,She Loves - Our Love is Hiere to Stay アンドレ・プレヴィン(p), デヴィッド・フィンク(b) (1987.8) DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHONPOCG-10086
Dancing In The Dark Jackie Gleason & His Orchestra Capotol - PairPCD-1176
Young At Heart Claude Williamson Trio Contract RECORDSXQAM-1603
Lazy Afternoon Marty Paich WARNER1296
Why Was I Born? Weston, Paul Sony Music Spec ProdAK47861
Fly Me to the Moon (Instrumental) John Williams: Boston Pops Orchestra SONYSRCR 9504
時さえ忘れて GEOGE SHEARING VervePOCJ-2583
Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess Miles Davis ColumbiaSICP 813
You've Changed Jackie Gleason REAL GONE JAZZRGJCD367
All The Things You Are Andre Previn, Joe Pass & Ray Brown Telarc RecordsCD-83302
02:00:00 モダン・ジャズ名盤
2時台 The House of Blue Lights Eddie Costa DotUCCU-99135
My Funny Valentine Eddie Costa DotUCCU-99135
Diane Eddie Costa DotUCCU-99135
Annabelle Eddie Costa DotUCCU-99135
When I Fall in Love Eddie Costa DotUCCU-99135
What's to Ya Eddie Costa DotUCCU-99135
Birdland Weather Report ColumbiaSRCS9146
A Remark You Made Weather Report ColumbiaSRCS9146
Teen Town Weather Report ColumbiaSRCS9146
Harlequin Weather Report ColumbiaSRCS9146
3時台 Rumba Mama Weather Report ColumbiaSRCS9146
Palladium Weather Report ColumbiaSRCS9146
The Juggler Weather Report ColumbiaSRCS9146
Havona Weather Report ColumbiaSRCS9146
Eastern Blues Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
Cabin In The Sky Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
Air & Fire Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
Libra Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
Bloomdido Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
Deep River Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
Freedom One Day Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
Another Earth Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
4時台 Dark Nebula Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
Ufo Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
Lost In The Stars Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
Perihelion & Aphelion Gary Bartz MilestoneMCD-47077-2
That Old Feeling Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
It's Always You Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
Like Someone In Love Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
My Ideal Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
I've Never Been In Love Before Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
My Buddy Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
But Not For Me Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
Time After Time Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
5時台 I Get Along Without You Very Well Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
My Funny Valentine Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
There Will Never Be Another You Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
The Thrill Is Gone Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
I Fall In Love Too Easily Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
Look For The Silver Lining Chet Baker PacificUCCU-99029
Deed I Do Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
Lover Man Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
Everything I've Got Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
Comment Allez Vous Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
More Than You Know Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
Thou Swell Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
It Might As Well Be Spring Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
Tout Doucement Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
You For Me Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
Now At Last Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
I Hear Music Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
Wait Till You See Her Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
I Won't Dance Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
A Fine Spring Morning Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
They Say It's Spring Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
6時台 Johnny One Note Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
Blossom's Blues Blossom Dearie UniversalUCCU-99106
That Old Devil Called Love Zoot Sims StoryvilleCDSOL-6935
Jitterbug Waltz Zoot Sims StoryvilleCDSOL-6935
Softly As In A Morning Sunrise Zoot Sims StoryvilleCDSOL-6935
Over The Rainbow Zoot Sims StoryvilleCDSOL-6935
In A Mellotone Zoot Sims StoryvilleCDSOL-6935
I Got It Bad Zoot Sims StoryvilleCDSOL-6935
Caravan Zoot Sims StoryvilleCDSOL-6935
Groovin' High Zoot Sims StoryvilleCDSOL-6935
7時台 Take The A Train Zoot Sims StoryvilleCDSOL-6935
Lester Leaps Zoot Sims StoryvilleCDSOL-6935
Todos Locos Herbie Mann VerveUCCV-9630
Cuban Patato Chip (Live (1959/Basin Street East)) Herbie Mann VerveUCCV-9630
Come On, Mule (Live (1959/Basin Street East)) Herbie Mann VerveUCCV-9630
The Amazon River (Live (1959/Basin Street East)) Herbie Mann VerveUCCV-9630
Caravan (Live (1959/Basin Street East)) Herbie Mann VerveUCCV-9630
Delilah (Live (1959/Basin Street East)) Herbie Mann VerveUCCV-9630
8時台 Canon Charles Mingus ATLANTIC8122-79598-4
Opus 4 Charles Mingus ATLANTIC8122-79598-4
Moves Charles Mingus ATLANTIC8122-79598-4
Wee Charles Mingus ATLANTIC8122-79598-4
Flowers For A Lady Charles Mingus ATLANTIC8122-79598-4
Newcomer Charles Mingus ATLANTIC8122-79598-4
Opus 3 Charles Mingus ATLANTIC8122-79598-4
Little Rootie Tootie Thelonious Monk PrestigeVICJ-5118
Sweet And Lovely Thelonious Monk PrestigeVICJ-5118
Bye-Ya Thelonious Monk PrestigeVICJ-5118
Monk's Dream Thelonious Monk PrestigeVICJ-5118
9時台 Trinkle Tinkle Thelonious Monk PrestigeVICJ-5118
These Foolish Things Thelonious Monk PrestigeVICJ-5118
Blue Monk Thelonious Monk PrestigeVICJ-5118
Just A Gigolo Thelonious Monk PrestigeVICJ-5118
Bemsha Swing Thelonious Monk PrestigeVICJ-5118
Reflections Thelonious Monk PrestigeVICJ-5118
Armoire Dog Henri Texier Label BleuLBLC6648/49
Tonic Tony Henri Texier Label BleuLBLC6648/49
Serious Seb Henri Texier Label BleuLBLC6648/49
Glenn the Space Henri Texier Label BleuLBLC6648/49
Dezarwa (for A.T) Henri Texier Label BleuLBLC6648/49
10時台 B.Z. the Bee Henri Texier Label BleuLBLC6648/49
Work Kenny Drew Jr. Claves50-1194
Ruby My Dear Kenny Drew Jr. Claves50-1194
Peggy's Blue Skylight Kenny Drew Jr. Claves50-1194
Light Blue Kenny Drew Jr. Claves50-1194
Trinkle-Tinkle Kenny Drew Jr. Claves50-1194
Nobody Knows (The Bradley I Know) Kenny Drew Jr. Claves50-1194
Farewell Farwell Kenny Drew Jr. Claves50-1194
Eclipse Kenny Drew Jr. Claves50-1194
Weird Nightmare Kenny Drew Jr. Claves50-1194
11時台 Skippy Kenny Drew Jr. Claves50-1194
My Blue Heaven Sonny Stitt CADET760
The Saber Sonny Stitt CADET760
Katea Sonny Stitt CADET760
Fools Rush In Sonny Stitt CADET760
Look Down That Lonesome Road Sonny Stitt CADET760
I Want To Go Home Sonny Stitt CADET760
12:00:00 21世紀のジャズ再入門
12時台 出演:後藤雅洋 -
遥かなるニューオーリンズ レスターヤング UNIVERSALSHJZ109
チュニジアの夜 チャーリー・パーカー UNIVERSALSHJZ109
オーニソロジー チャーリー・パーカー UNIVERSALSHJZ109
リープ・フロッグ チャーリー・パーカー UNIVERSALSHJZ109
グルーヴィン・ハイ ディジー・ガレスピー UNIVERSALSHJZ109
52丁目のテーマ バド・パウエル ファッツ・ナバロ UNIVERSALSHJZ109
アイ・ウオント・トウ・ビー・ハッピー ソニー・スティット バド・パウエル UNIVERSALSHJZ109
ザ・チェイス デクスター・ゴードン ワーデル・グレイ UNIVERSALSHJZ109
エンブレイサブル・ユー チャーリー・パーカー UNIVERSALSHJZ109
13:00:00 Jazz In Applause (再)
13時台 出演:小針俊郎・桃井まり  ※バド・パウエル特集⑧ -
I Should Care Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
Now Is the Time Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
I Didn't Know What Time It Was Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
Be-Bop Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
52nd Street Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
There Will Never Be Another You Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
Crossrane Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
Over the Rainbow Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
Blues for Bessie Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
Time Was Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
Topsy Turvy Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
Lush Life Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
Elegy Bud Powell VerveEN4CD9097
14:00:00 ジャズ喫茶「MUSIC BIRD」 
14時台 出演:寺島靖国 ゲスト:ラズウェル細木(漫画家)、竹田響子(SOUND CREATE) -
ワルツイグ・イズ・ヒップ オスカー・ピーターソン MPSUCCU6029
El Gaucho ウェイン・ショーター BlueNoteCDP7-46403-2
エスターテ ジーン・ベイラー バスター・ウィリアムス SmokeSessions RecordSSR2301
Flamenco Sketches マイルス・デイビス SONYSICP-1206
15時台 ブラック・ナイル サイラス・チェスナット トリオ M&I musicMYCJ30447
C Jam Blues レッド・ガーランド・トリオ PRESTIGEVICJ5072
トロイメライ トルド・グスタフセン・トリオ ECMECM1892
En la Imaginacion Marta Valdes Chano Dominguez KaronEEL21
FootPrints ロニー・リストン・スミス ACE RecordsCDBGPM278
16:00:00 モダン・ジャズ名盤
16時台 Introduction Kenny Burrell Blue NoteTOCJ-6526
Birk's Works Kenny Burrell Blue NoteTOCJ-6526
Hallelujah Kenny Burrell Blue NoteTOCJ-6526
Lady Be Good Kenny Burrell Blue NoteTOCJ-6526
Lover Man Kenny Burrell Blue NoteTOCJ-6526
36-23-36 Kenny Burrell Blue NoteTOCJ-6526
A Lunar Tune Booker Ervin PrestigeVICJ-23782
Cry Me Not Booker Ervin PrestigeVICJ-23782
Grants Stand Booker Ervin PrestigeVICJ-23782
17時台 A Day To Mourn Booker Ervin PrestigeVICJ-23782
Al's In Booker Ervin PrestigeVICJ-23782
Monaco Kenny Dorham Blue NoteTOCJ-9025
Round About Midnight Kenny Dorham Blue NoteTOCJ-9025
Mexico City Kenny Dorham Blue NoteTOCJ-9025
A Night In Tunisia Kenny Dorham Blue NoteTOCJ-9025
Autumn In New York Kenny Dorham Blue NoteTOCJ-9025
Hill's Edge Kenny Dorham Blue NoteTOCJ-9025
18時台 Blue Train John Coltrane Blue NoteTOCJ-9005
Moment's Notice John Coltrane Blue NoteTOCJ-9005
Locomotion John Coltrane Blue NoteTOCJ-9005
I'm Old Fashioned John Coltrane Blue NoteTOCJ-9005
Lazy Bird John Coltrane Blue NoteTOCJ-9005
Everything Happens To Me Charlie Parker VervePOCJ-2354
Sweet Georgia Brown Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
My Blue Heaven Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
Jive At Five Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
19時台 Greensleeves Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
When You Lover Has Gone Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
Philadelphia Bound Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
Close Your Eyes Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
I Got Rhythme Pt.1 Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
I Got Rhythme Pt.2 Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
Embraceable You Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
Bebop Irishman Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
Little Susie Jo Jones EverestTKCZ-79503
Movie One Michael Mantler ECMWATT 7/10 543 377-2
Movie Two Michael Mantler ECMWATT 7/10 543 377-2
Movie Three Michael Mantler ECMWATT 7/10 543 377-2
Movie Four Michael Mantler ECMWATT 7/10 543 377-2
Movie Five Michael Mantler ECMWATT 7/10 543 377-2
Movie Six Michael Mantler ECMWATT 7/10 543 377-2
Movie Seven Michael Mantler ECMWATT 7/10 543 377-2
20時台 Movie Eight Michael Mantler ECMWATT 7/10 543 377-2
ア・ビューティフル・フレンドシップ ジェイク・ハナ,カール・フォンタナ・バンド ユニバーサル ミューUCCO-90306
スウィート・アンド・ラヴリー ジェイク・ハナ,カール・フォンタナ・バンド ユニバーサル ミューUCCO-90306
ジャンピン・ザ・ブルース ジェイク・ハナ,カール・フォンタナ・バンド ユニバーサル ミューUCCO-90306
オールド・フォークス ジェイク・ハナ,カール・フォンタナ・バンド ユニバーサル ミューUCCO-90306
A列車で行こう ジェイク・ハナ,カール・フォンタナ・バンド ユニバーサル ミューUCCO-90306
アイヴ・ファウンド・ア・ニュー・ベイビー ジェイク・ハナ,カール・フォンタナ・バンド ユニバーサル ミューUCCO-90306
アイ・レット・ア・ソング・ゴー・アウト・オブ・マイ・ハート ジェイク・ハナ,カール・フォンタナ・バンド ユニバーサル ミューUCCO-90306
Deep In A Dream Sonny Clark Blue NoteCDP7 84091 2
21時台 Jive Samba Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Blue Note
Parker's Mood Sonny Stitt Atlantic1418-2
Ruby, My Dear Thelonious Monk JazzlandVICJ-5137
Trinkle, Tinkle Thelonious Monk JazzlandVICJ-5137
Off Minor Thelonious Monk JazzlandVICJ-5137
Nutty Thelonious Monk JazzlandVICJ-5137
Epistrophy Thelonious Monk JazzlandVICJ-5137
Functional Thelonious Monk JazzlandVICJ-5137
Blues Inn Kenny Drew SteepleChaseVACE-1001
22時台 Unsung Heroes Bill Frisell Elektra Nonsuch7559-61181-2
Rob Roy Bill Frisell Elektra Nonsuch7559-61181-2
Spell Bill Frisell Elektra Nonsuch7559-61181-2
Child At Heart Bill Frisell Elektra Nonsuch7559-61181-2
Beautiful E. Bill Frisell Elektra Nonsuch7559-61181-2
Again Bill Frisell Elektra Nonsuch7559-61181-2
Smilin' Jones Bill Frisell Elektra Nonsuch7559-61181-2
Where In The World? Bill Frisell Elektra Nonsuch7559-61181-2
Worry Doll Bill Frisell Elektra Nonsuch7559-61181-2
Let Me In Bill Frisell Elektra Nonsuch7559-61181-2
Say Hen J.J. Johnson RCA Victor7431477912
Blue J.J. Johnson RCA Victor7431477912
23時台 In Walked Horace J.J. Johnson RCA Victor7431477912
Short Cake J.J. Johnson RCA Victor7431477912
Space Walk J.J. Johnson RCA Victor7431477912
Euro 1 (Excerpt From "Euro Suite") J.J. Johnson RCA Victor7431477912
Ballade J.J. Johnson RCA Victor7431477912
Little Dave J.J. Johnson RCA Victor7431477912
Euro 2 (Excerpt From "Euro Suite") J.J. Johnson RCA Victor7431477912
What Is This Thing Called Love Clifford Brown EmarcyPHCE-3057
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing Clifford Brown EmarcyPHCE-3057
I'll Remember April Clifford Brown EmarcyPHCE-3057
Powell's Prances Clifford Brown EmarcyPHCE-3057