126chSUPER LEGEND【Premium】 オンエア曲リスト

00:00:00 SUPER LEGEND 1
0時台 My Name Is Jonas Weezer
No One Else Weezer
World Has Turned And Left Me Here Weezer
Buddy Holly Weezer
Undone-The Sweater Song Weezer
Surf Wax America Weezer
Say It Ain't So Weezer
In The Garage Weezer
Holiday Weezer
Only In Dreams Weezer
Tired Of Sex Weezer DGCUICY-6156
Getchoo Weezer DGCUICY-6156
No Other One Weezer DGCUICY-6156
Why Bother? Weezer DGCUICY-6156
Across The Sea Weezer DGCUICY-6156
The Good Life Weezer DGCUICY-6156
1時台 El Scorcho Weezer DGCUICY-6156
Pink Triangle Weezer DGCUICY-6156
Falling For You Weezer DGCUICY-6156
Butterfly Weezer DGCUICY-6156
Don't Let Go Weezer
Photograph Weezer
Hash Pipe Weezer
Island In The Sun Weezer
Crab Weezer
Knock-down Drag-out Weezer
Smile Weezer
Simple Pages Weezer
Glorious Day Weezer
O Girlfriend Weezer
The Christmas Song Weezer
I Do Weezer
American Gigolo Weezer UICF-1007
Dope Nose Weezer UICF-1007
Keep Fishin' Weezer UICF-1007
Take Control Weezer UICF-1007
2時台 Death And Destruction Weezer UICF-1007
Slob Weezer UICF-1007
Burndt Jamb Weezer UICF-1007
Space Rock Weezer UICF-1007
Slave Weezer UICF-1007
Fall Together Weezer UICF-1007
Possibilities Weezer UICF-1007
Love Explosion Weezer UICF-1007
December Weezer UICF-1007
Island In The Sun Weezer UICF-1007
Living Without You Weezer UICF-1007
Beverly Hills Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
Parfect Situation Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
This Is Such A Pity Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
Hold Me Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
Peace Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
We Are All On Drugs Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
The Damage In Your Heart Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
Pardon Me Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
3時台 My Best Friend Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
The Other Way Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
Freak Me Out Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
Haunt You Every Day Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
Butterfly [Live] Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
Island In The Sun [Live] Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
Burndt Jamb [Live] Weezer GeffenUICF-1040
Troublemaker Weezer DGC / Interscope
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn) Weezer DGC / Interscope
Pork And Beans Weezer DGC / Interscope
Heart Songs Weezer DGC / Interscope
Everybody Get Dangerous Weezer DGC / Interscope
Dreamin' Weezer DGC / Interscope
Thought I Knew Weezer DGC / Interscope
Cold Dark World Weezer DGC / Interscope
Automatic Weezer DGC / Interscope
4時台 The Angel And The One Weezer DGC / Interscope
The Weight Weezer DGC / Interscope
Life Is What You Make It Weezer DGC / Interscope
Meri Kuri (メリクリ [日本語ヴァージョン]) Weezer DGC / Interscope
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To Weezer Universal
I'm Your Daddy Weezer Universal
The Girl Got Hot Weezer Universal
Can't Stop Partying Weezer Universal
Put Me Back Together Weezer Universal
Trippin' Down The Freeway Weezer Universal
Love Is The Answer Weezer Universal
Let It All Hang Out Weezer Universal
In The Mall Weezer Universal
I Don't Want To Let You Go Weezer Universal
Turn Me Round Weezer Universal
I Woke Up In Love This Morning Weezer Universal
5時台 Get Me Some Weezer Universal
Run Over By A Truck Weezer Universal
The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World Weezer Universal
The Underdogs Weezer Universal
Memories Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Ruling Me Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Trainwrecks Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Unspoken Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Where's My Sex? Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Run Away Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Hang On Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Smart Girls Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Brave New World Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Time Flies Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
All My Friends Are Insects Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Viva La Vida Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
Represent [Rocked Out Mix] Weezer Epitaph/EPIC Records
6時台 Ain't Got Nobody Weezer Republic
Back To The Shack Weezer Republic
Eulogy For A Rock Band Weezer Republic
Lonely Girl Weezer Republic
I've Had It Up To Here Weezer Republic
The British Are Coming Weezer Republic
Da Vinci Weezer Republic
Go Away Weezer Republic
Cleopatra Weezer Republic
Foolish Father Weezer Republic
The Futurescope Trilogy: I. The Waste Land Weezer Republic
The Futurescope Trilogy: II. Anonymous Weezer Republic
The Futurescope Trilogy: III. Return To Ithaka Weezer Republic
California Kids Weezer Weezer
Wind In Our Sail Weezer Weezer
Thank God For Girls Weezer Weezer
(Girl We Got A) Good Thing Weezer Weezer
Do You Wanna Get High? Weezer Weezer
7時台 King Of The World Weezer Weezer
Summer Elaine And Drunk Dori Weezer Weezer
L.A. Girlz Weezer Weezer
Jacked Up Weezer Weezer
Endless Bummer Weezer Weezer
Prom Night Weezer Weezer
Mexican Fender Weezer WARNER MUSIC JAPAN
Feels Like Summer Weezer WARNER MUSIC JAPAN
Weekend Woman Weezer WARNER MUSIC JAPAN
La Mancha Screwjob Weezer WARNER MUSIC JAPAN
Any Friend Of Diane's Weezer WARNER MUSIC JAPAN
Feels Like Summer [Acoustic] Weezer WARNER MUSIC JAPAN
08:00:00 24bitで聴くSuper Legend①
8時台 Show Don't Tell Rush
Chain Lightning Rush
The Pass Rush
War Paint Rush
Scars Rush
Presto Rush
Superconductor Rush
Anagram Rush
Red Tide Rush
Hand Over Fist Rush
Available Light Rush
Dreamline Rush
Bravado Rush
9時台 Roll the Bones Rush
Face Up Rush
Where's My Thing Rush
The Big Wheel Rush
Heresy Rush
Ghost of a Chance Rush
Neurotica Rush
You Bet Your Life Rush
Animate Rush
Stick It Out Rush
Cut to the Chase Rush
Nobodys Hero Rush
10時台 Between Sun & Moon Rush
Alien Shore Rush
The Speed of Love Rush
Double Agent Rush
Leave That Thing Alone Rush
Cold Fire Rush
Everyday Glory Rush
Test For Echo Rush
Driven Rush
Half The World Rush
The Color Of Right Rush
Time And Motion Rush
Totem Rush
11時台 Dog Years Rush
Virtuality Rush
Resist Rush
Limbo Rush
Carve Away The Stone Rush
One Little Victory Rush
Ceiling Unlimited Rush
Ghost Rider Rush
Peaceable Kingdom Rush
The Stars Look Down Rush
How It Is Rush
Vapor Trail Rush
12:00:00 24bitで聴くSuper Legend②
12時台 Far Cry Rush
Armor And Sword Rush
Workin' Them Angels Rush
The Larger Bowl Rush
Spindrift Rush
The Main Monkey Business (Instrumental) Rush
The Way The Wind Blows Rush
Hope (Instrumental) Rush
Faithless Rush
Bravest Face Rush
Good News First Rush
Malignant Narcissism (Instrumental) Rush
We Hold On Rush
13時台 Caravan Rush
BU2B Rush
Clockwork Angels Rush
The Anarchist Rush
Carnies Rush
Halo Effect Rush
Seven Cities of Gold Rush
The Wreckers Rush
Headlong Flight Rush
BU2B2 Rush
Wish Them Well Rush
14時台 The Garden Rush
The Anarchist[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Headlong Flight[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Far Cry[Live R40 Tour] Rush
The Main Monkey Business[Live R40 Tour] Rush
How It Is[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Animate[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Roll The Bones[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Between The Wheels[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Losing It[Live R40 Tour](feat. Ben Mink) Rush
15時台 Subdivisions[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Tom Sawyer[Live R40 Tour] Rush
YYZ[Live R40 Tour] Rush
The Spirit Of Radio[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Natural Science[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Jacob's Ladder[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Hemispheres Prelude[Live R40 Tour] Rush
The Story So Far[Medley - Drum Solo - Live R40 Tour] Rush
Closer To The Heart[Live R40 Tour] Rush
Xanadu[Live R40 Tour] Rush
16:00:00 SUPER LEGEND 3
16時台 Can't Get Enough Bad Company
Rock Steady (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Ready for Love (2009 Remaster) Bad Company
Don't Let Me Down (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Bad Company (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
The Way I Choose (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Movin' On (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Seagull (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Good Lovin' Gone Bad (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Feel like Makin' Love (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Weep No More (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Shooting Star (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Deal with the Preacher (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Wild Fire Woman (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
17時台 Anna (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Call on Me (2015 Remaster) Bad Company
Live for the Music Bad Company
Simple Man (2017 Remaster) Bad Company
Honey Child (2017 Remaster) Bad Company
Love Me Somebody (2017 Remaster) Bad Company
Run with the Pack (2017 Remaster) Bad Company
Silver Blue & Gold (2017 Remaster) Bad Company
Young Blood (2017 Remaster) Bad Company
Do Right by Your Woman (2017 Remaster) Bad Company
Sweet Lil' Sister (2017 Remaster) Bad Company
Fade Away (2017 Remaster) Bad Company
Burnin' Sky (Remastered) Bad Company
Morning Sun (Remastered) Bad Company
Leaving you (Remastered) Bad Company
18時台 Like Water (Remastered) Bad Company
Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer) [Remastered] Bad Company
Everything I Need (Remastered) Bad Company
Heartbeat (Remastered) Bad Company
Peace Of Mind (Remastered) Bad Company
Passing Time (Remastered) Bad Company
Too Bad (Remastered) Bad Company
Man Needs Woman (Remastered) Bad Company
Master Of Ceremony (Remastered) Bad Company
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (2019 Remaster) Bad Company
Crazy Circles (2019 Remaster) Bad Company
Gone Gone Gone (2019 Remaster) Bad Company
Evil Wind (2019 Remaster) Bad Company
Early in the Morning (2019 Remaster) Bad Company
Lonely for Your Love (2019 Remaster) Bad Company
Oh Atlanta (2019 Remaster) Bad Company
19時台 Take the Time (2019 Remaster) Bad Company
Rhythm Machine (2019 Remaster) Bad Company
She Brings Me Love (2019 Remaster) Bad Company
One Night Bad Company Atlantic
Shake It Up Bad Company Atlantic
No Smoke Without A Fire Bad Company Atlantic
Bad Man Bad Company Atlantic
Dangerous Age Bad Company Atlantic
Dirty Boy Bad Company Atlantic
Rock Of America Bad Company Atlantic
Something About You Bad Company Atlantic
The Way That It Goes Bad Company Atlantic
Love Attack Bad Company Atlantic
Excited Bad Company Atlantic
20時台 Holy Water Bad Company Atlantic
Walk Through Fire Bad Company Atlantic
Stranger Stranger Bad Company Atlantic
If You Needed Somebody Bad Company Atlantic
Fearless Bad Company Atlantic
Lay Your Love On Me Bad Company Atlantic
Boys Cry Tough Bad Company Atlantic
With You In A Heartbeat Bad Company Atlantic
I Don't Care Bad Company Atlantic
Never Too Late Bad Company Atlantic
Dead Of The Night Bad Company Atlantic
I Can't Live Without You Bad Company Atlantic
100 Miles Bad Company Atlantic
How About That Bad Company Atlantic
21時台 Stranger Than Fiction Bad Company Atlantic
Here Comes Trouble Bad Company Atlantic
This Could Be The One Bad Company Atlantic
Both Feet In The Water Bad Company Atlantic
Take This Town Bad Company Atlantic
What About You Bad Company Atlantic
Little Angel Bad Company Atlantic
Hold On To My Heart Bad Company Atlantic
Brokenhearted Bad Company Atlantic
My Only One Bad Company Atlantic
One On One Bad Company AMCY-2025
Oh Atlanta Bad Company AMCY-2025
You're Never Alone Bad Company AMCY-2025
22時台 I Still Believe In You Bad Company AMCY-2025
Ready For Love Bad Company AMCY-2025
Waiting On Love Bad Company AMCY-2025
Can't Get Enough Bad Company AMCY-2025
Is That All There Is To Love Bad Company AMCY-2025
Love So Strong Bad Company AMCY-2025
Silver Blue And Gold Bad Company AMCY-2025
Downpour In Cairo Bad Company AMCY-2025
Shooting Star Bad Company AMCY-2025
Simple Man Bad Company AMCY-2025
Stay (One More Night) Bad Company AMCY-2025
Burnin' Sky (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Too Bad (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Ready for Love (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
23時台 Heartbeat (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Morning Sun (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Man Needs Woman (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Leaving You (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Shooting Star (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Simple Man (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Movin' On (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Like Water (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Drum Solo (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Live for the Music (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Good Lovin' Gone Bad (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company
Feel like Makin' Love (Live at the Summit Houston Texas - 23rd May 1977) Bad Company