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00:00:00 SUPER LEGEND 1
0時台 Keep Yourself Alive Queen EMITOCP8271
Doing All Right Queen EMITOCP8271
Great King Rat Queen EMITOCP8271
My Fairy King Queen EMITOCP8271
Liar Queen EMITOCP8271
The Night Comes Down Queen EMITOCP8271
Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll Queen EMITOCP8271
Son And Daughter Queen EMITOCP8271
Jesus Queen EMITOCP8271
Seven Seas Of Rhye Queen EMITOCP8271
Procession Queen EMITOCP8272
Father To Son Queen EMITOCP8272
White Queen (As It Began) Queen EMITOCP8272
Some Day One Day Queen EMITOCP8272
The Loser In The End Queen EMITOCP8272
Ogre Battle Queen EMITOCP8272
1時台 The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke Queen EMITOCP8272
Nevermore Queen EMITOCP8272
The March Of The Black Queen Queen EMITOCP8272
Funny How Love Is Queen EMITOCP8272
Seven Seas Of Rhye Queen EMITOCP8272
Death On Two Legs Queen EMITOCP8274
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon Queen EMITOCP8274
I'm In Love With My Car Queen EMITOCP8274
You're My Best Friend Queen EMITOCP8274
'39 Queen EMITOCP8274
Sweet Lady Queen EMITOCP8274
Seaside Rendezvous Queen EMITOCP8274
The Prophet's Song Queen EMITOCP8274
Love Of My Life Queen EMITOCP8274
Good Company Queen EMITOCP8274
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen EMITOCP8274
2時台 God Save The Queen Queen EMITOCP8274
Tie Your Mother Down Queen EMITOCP8275
You Take My Breath Away Queen EMITOCP8275
Long Away Queen EMITOCP8275
The Millonaire Waltz Queen EMITOCP8275
You And I Queen EMITOCP8275
Somebody To Love Queen EMITOCP8275
White Man Queen EMITOCP8275
Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy Queen EMITOCP8275
Drowse Queen EMITOCP8275
Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) Queen EMITOCP8275
We Will Rock You Queen Hollywood112-2
We Are The Champions Queen Hollywood112-2
Sheer Heart Attack Queen Hollywood112-2
All Dead, All Dead Queen Hollywood112-2
Spread Your Wings Queen Hollywood112-2
3時台 Fight From The Inside Queen Hollywood112-2
Get Down, Make Love Queen Hollywood112-2
Sleep On The Sidewalk Queen Hollywood112-2
Who Needs You Queen Hollywood112-2
It's Late Queen Hollywood112-2
My Melancholy Blues Queen Hollywood112-2
Procession [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Father To Son [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Ogre Battle [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Son And Daughter [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Guitar Solo [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Son And Daughter (Reprise) [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
White Queen (As It Began) [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Great King Rat [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
4時台 The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Keep Yourself Alive [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Drum Solo [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Keep Yourself Alive (Reprise) [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Seven Seas Of Rhye [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Jailhouse Rock / Stupid Cupid / Be Bop A Lula [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
Liar [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
See What A Fool I'Ve Been [Live] Queen UniversalUICY15340
プロセッション(インストゥルメンタル) Queen UniversalUICY15341
ナウ・アイム・ヒア Queen UniversalUICY15341
オウガ・バトル Queen UniversalUICY15341
父より子へ Queen UniversalUICY15341
ホワイト・クイーン Queen UniversalUICY15341
フリック・オブ・ザ・リスト Queen UniversalUICY15341
神々の業 Queen UniversalUICY15341
5時台 キラー・クイーン Queen UniversalUICY15341
マーチ・オブ・ブラック・クイーン Queen UniversalUICY15341
リロイ・ブラウン Queen UniversalUICY15341
サン・アンド・ドーター Queen UniversalUICY15341
ギター・ソロ Queen UniversalUICY15341
サン・アンド・ドーター Queen UniversalUICY15341
炎のロックン・ロール Queen UniversalUICY15341
ドラム・ソロ Queen UniversalUICY15341
炎のロックン・ロール Queen UniversalUICY15341
輝ける7つの海 Queen UniversalUICY15341
ストーン・コールド・クレイジー Queen UniversalUICY15341
ライアー Queen UniversalUICY15341
神々の業(リヴィジテッド) Queen UniversalUICY15341
ビッグ・スペンダー Queen UniversalUICY15341
モダン・タイムス・ロックン・ロール Queen UniversalUICY15341
監獄ロック Queen UniversalUICY15341
ゴッド・セイヴ・ザ・クイーン(インストゥルメンタル) Queen UniversalUICY15341
Barcelona Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe PolydorPOCP-1229
La Japonaise Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe PolydorPOCP-1229
6時台 The Fallen Priest Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe PolydorPOCP-1229
Ensueno Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe PolydorPOCP-1229
The Golden Boy Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe PolydorPOCP-1229
Guide Me Home Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe PolydorPOCP-1229
How Can I Go On Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe PolydorPOCP-1229
Overture Picante Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe PolydorPOCP-1229
The Great Pretender Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
Foolin' Around Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
Time Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
Your Kind Of Lover Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
Exercises In Free Love Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
In My Defence Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
Mr.Bad Guy Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
Let's Turn It On Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
7時台 Living On My Own Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
Love Kills Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
Barcelona Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-7482
Living On My Own(1993Radio Mix) Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70087
Made In Heaven Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70087
There Must Be More To Life Than This Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70087
Foolin' Around(Steve Brown Remix) Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70087
Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70087
Mr. Bad Guy [Bad Circulation Version] Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70088
My Love Is Dangerous [Extended Version] Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70088
Love Making Love [Demo Version] Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70088
I Was Born To Love You [Extended Version] Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70088
Your Kind Of Lover [Vocal and Piano Version] Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70088
Let's Turn It On [A Cappella Version] Freddie Mercury EMITOCP-70088
08:00:00 洋楽名盤シャッフル
8時台 Ghosts Of Dachau The Style Council PolydorPOCP-1606
I'll Kiss You Cyndi Lauper PortraitESCA-7619
At Last Michael Bolton Passion GroupVICP-62752
Breakout Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
Twilight World (Superb, Superb Mix) Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
After Hours Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
Blue Mood Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
Surrender Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
Fooled By A Smile Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
Communion Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
It's Not Enough Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
Theme From It's Better To Travel Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
Breakout (N.A.D. Mix) Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
Surrender (Stuff Gunn Mix) Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
9時台 Twilight World [Remix] Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
Communion [Instrumental] Swing Out Sister MercuryUICY-3131
Rain Your Love Down Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
Edge Of Eternity Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
Taboo To Love Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
Take The Time Out Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
I'm New Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
My Love Is With You Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
Treat Myself Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
Tomorrow Robins Will Sing Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
Sensuous Whisper Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
10時台 For Your Love Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
Cold Chill Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
Sorry Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
Conversation Peace Stevie Wonder MotownPOCT1055
Think Aretha Franklin Atlantic20P2-2373
I Say A Little Prayer Aretha Franklin Atlantic20P2-2373
See Saw Aretha Franklin Atlantic20P2-2373
Night Time Is The Right Time Aretha Franklin Atlantic20P2-2373
You Send Me Aretha Franklin Atlantic20P2-2373
You're A Sweet Sweet Man Aretha Franklin Atlantic20P2-2373
I Take What I Want Aretha Franklin Atlantic20P2-2373
Hello Sunshine Aretha Franklin Atlantic20P2-2373
A Change Aretha Franklin Atlantic20P2-2373
I Can't See Myself Leaving You Aretha Franklin Atlantic20P2-2373
into white carly simon sonysicp1184
11時台 oh!susanna carly simon sonysicp1184
Blackbird carly simon sonysicp1184
You can clase Your eyes carly simon sonysicp1184
Quiet Evenin' carly simon sonysicp1184
Manha de carnaval carly simon sonysicp1184
Jamaica Farewell carly simon sonysicp1184
You are my sunshine carly simon sonysicp1184
Devoted to you/All have to do is dream carly simon sonysicp1184
Scarborough Fair carly simon sonysicp1184
I gave my love a cherry carly simon sonysicp1184
Over the rainbow carly simon sonysicp1184
Love of my life carly simon sonysicp1184
I'll just remember you carly simon sonysicp1184
Not That Funny [Live] Fleetwood Mac Warner MusicWPCP5182
Evil Earth, Wind & Fire ColumbiaMHCP400
Keep Your Head To The Sky Earth, Wind & Fire ColumbiaMHCP400
Build Your Nest Earth, Wind & Fire ColumbiaMHCP400
12時台 The World's A Masquerade Earth, Wind & Fire ColumbiaMHCP400
Clover Earth, Wind & Fire ColumbiaMHCP400
Zanzibar Earth, Wind & Fire ColumbiaMHCP400
Gloria U2 Island
11 O'Clock Tick Tock U2 IslandPHCR-4836
I Will Follow U2 IslandPHCR-4836
Party Girl U2 IslandPHCR-4836
Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 IslandPHCR-4836
The Electric Co. U2 IslandPHCR-4836
New Year's Day U2 IslandPHCR-4836
40 U2 IslandPHCR-4836
警告 ボブ・マーリィ TEICHIKUTECP2585
13時台 Ray's Dad's Cadillac Joni Mitchell GeffenMVCG-19320
Come To My Aid Simply Red Elektra / WEAWPCR-75146
Sad Old Red Simply Red Elektra / WEAWPCR-75146
Look At You Now Simply Red Elektra / WEAWPCR-75146
Heaven Simply Red Elektra / WEAWPCR-75146
Jericho Simply Red Elektra / WEAWPCR-75146
Money's Too Tight (To Mention) Simply Red Elektra / WEAWPCR-75146
Holding Back The Years Simply Red Elektra / WEAWPCR-75146
Red Box Simply Red Elektra / WEAWPCR-75146
No Direction Simply Red Elektra / WEAWPCR-75146
Picture Book Simply Red Elektra / WEAWPCR-75146
When You Were Mine Cyndi Lauper PortraitESCA-7619
Brother, Brother Carole King SonyESCA7649
Growing Away From Me Carole King SonyESCA7649
14時台 Sweet Seasons Carole King SonyESCA7649
Some Kind Of Wonderful Carole King SonyESCA7649
Surely Carole King SonyESCA7649
Carry Your Load Carole King SonyESCA7649
Music Carole King SonyESCA7649
Song Of Long Ago Carole King SonyESCA7649
Brighter Carole King SonyESCA7649
It's Going To Take Some Time Carole King SonyESCA7649
Too Much Rain Carole King SonyESCA7649
Back To California Carole King SonyESCA7649
Flower Of The Mountain Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
Song Of Soloman Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
Lily Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
Deeper Understanding Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
The Red Shoes Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
15時台 This Woman's Work Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
Moments Of Pleasure Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
Never Be Mine Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
Top Of The City Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
And So Is Love Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
Rubberband Girl Kate Bush EMITOCP71120
Bye, Bye Baby Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
Easy Rider Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
Intuder Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
Light Is Faster Than Sound Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
Call On Me Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
Women Is Losers Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
Blindman Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
Down On Me Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
Caterpillar Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
All Is Loneliness Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
Coo Coo [Single] Big Brother & The Holding Company SONYSICP1665
16:00:00 SUPER LEGEND 3
16時台 (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
My Funny Valentine Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
Witchcraft Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
Easy Living Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky) Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
Love For Sale Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
Always Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
How High The Moon Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
Never Let You Go (Sha Lu Bop) Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
You Don't Know What Love Is Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94022
Stubborn Kind Of Fellow Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94023
Pride & Joy Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94023
Hitch Hike Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94023
Get My Hands On Some Lovin' Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94023
Wherever I Lay My Hat Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94023
Soldier's Plea Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94023
It Hurt Me Too Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94023
Taking My Time Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94023
Hello There Angel Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94023
I'm Yours, You're Mine Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94023
17時台 Stubborn Kind Of Fellow Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94024
One Of These Days Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94024
Mo Jo Hanna Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94024
The Days Of Wine And Roses Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94024
Pride And Joy Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94024
Hitch Hike Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94024
Get My Hands On Some Lovin' Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94024
You Are My Sunshine Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94024
You've Changed Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94025
I Was Telling Her About You Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94025
I Wonder Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94025
I'll Be Around Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94025
Because Of You Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94025
I Don't Know Why Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94025
I've Grown Accostomed To Her Face Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94025
When Your Lover Has Gone Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94025
When I' Alone I Cry Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94025
18時台 If My Heart Could Sing Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94025
Hello Broadway Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
People Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
The Party's Over Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
On The Street Where You LIve Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
What Kind Of Fool Am I Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
My Kind Of Town Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
The Days Of Wine And Roses Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
This Is The Life Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
My Way Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
Hello Dolly Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
Walk On The Wild Side Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICL94026
You're A Wonderful One Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
Try It Baby Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
Baby Don't You Do It Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
Need Your Lovin' (Want You Back) Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
One Of These Days Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
No Good Without You Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
Stepping Closer To Your Heart Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
19時台 Need Somebody Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
Me And My Lonely Room Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
Now That You've Won Me Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
Forever Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
Nature Boy Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
Ramblin Rose Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
Too Young Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
Pretend Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
Straighten Up And Fly Right Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
Mona Lisa Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
Unforgettable Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
To The Ends Of The Earth Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
Sweet Lorraine Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
It's Only A Paper Moon Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
Send For Me Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
Calypso Blues Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94028
I'll Be Doggone Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
Little Darling (I Need You) Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
Take This Heart Of Mine Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
Hey Diddle Diddle Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
One More Heartache Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
20時台 Ain't That Peculiar Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
Night Life Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
You've Been A Long Time Coming Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
Your Unchanging Love Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
You're The One For Me Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
I Worry 'Bout You Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
One For My Baby Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
You Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
Tear It On Down Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
Chained Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
I Heard It Through The Grapevine Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
At Last (I Found A Love) Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
Some Kind Of Wonderful Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
Change What You Can Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
It's Love I Need Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
Every Now And Then Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
You're What's Happening (In The World Today) Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
There Goes My Baby Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94031
Too Busy Thinking About My Baby Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
21時台 This Magic Moment Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
That's The Way Love Is Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
The End Of Our Road Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
Seek And You Shall Find [Album Version (Stereo)] Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
Memories Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
Only A Lonely Man Would Know Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
It's A Bitter Pill To Swallow [Album Version (Stereo)] Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
More Than A Heart Can Stand Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
Try My True Love [Album Version (Stereo)] Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
I Got To Get To California Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
It Don't Take Much To Keep Me [Album Version (Stereo)] Marvin Gaye MotownPOCT1883
Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
Yesterday Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
Groovin' Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
I Wish It Would Rain Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
That's The Way Love Is Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
How Can I Forget Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
Abraham, Martin And John Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
Gonna Keep On Tryin' Till I Win Your Love Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
22時台 No Time For Tears Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
Cloud Nine Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
Don't You Miss Me A Litle Bit Baby Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
So Long Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94033
You're All I Need To Get By Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell UNIVERSALUICY1102
I'll Never Stop Loving You Baby Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell UNIVERSALUICY1102
California Soul Marvin Gaye & Valerie Simpson UNIVERSALUICY1103
The Onion Song Marvin Gaye & Valerie Simpson UNIVERSALUICY1103
What You Gave Me Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell UNIVERSALUICY1103
Baby I Need Your Loving Marvin Gaye & Valerie Simpson UNIVERSALUICY1103
What's Going On Marvin Gaye Motown RecordsUICY7028
Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) Marvin Gaye Motown RecordsUICY7028
Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell UNIVERSALUICZ-1275
Purple Snowflakes Marvin Gaye 530 261-2
I Want To Come Home For Christmas Marvin Gaye 530 261-2
When I Had Your Love Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
Pretty Little Baby Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
I'll Take Care Of You Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94029
She's Got To Be Real Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby Marvin Gaye UNIVERSALUICY94027
Let's Get It On Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
23時台 Please Stay (Once You Go Away) Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
If I Should Die Tonight Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
Keep Gettin' It On Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
Come Get To This Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
Distant Lover Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
You Sure Love To Ball Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
Just To Keep You Satisified Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
Song # 3 [Instrumental] Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
My Love Is Growing Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
Cakes [Instrumental] Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
Symphony [Undubbed Version] Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
I'd Give My Life To You [Alternate Mix] Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
I Love You Secretly [The Miracles Version] Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038
You're The Man [Alternate Version] Marvin Gaye MotownUICY7038